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Annual Appeal 2024


ATYP’s purpose is to empower young people through theatre. We ensure that they are kept at the centre of all our programs and also provide them the platform to represent themselves through stories that reflect their experiences. 

Our programs are heavily reliant on philanthropic funding, so we urge you to donate a little or a lot to ATYP’s annual appeal. Your donation will help ATYP keep young people centre stage in roles that allow them to represent themselves with creativity and confidence. 

With your support, ATYP will be able to keep running our programs including: 

These are only just some of the many programs that ATYP is able to deliver with young people. As these programs crossover and intertwine, young people are always kept at the centre. We are able to reach young Australians across the country through theatre which creates personal and social growth as a result of their involvement. They are then able to apply this growth as they take on new roles where they ultimately gain a powerful and authentic voice.

Campaign Progress:

We have currently received $6150 of our $10000 Campaign Target.


In support of the ATYP supporting students across Western Sydney in having life changing experiences.

Lucinda Armour

My children have loved ATYP workshops and semester classes for years. We are keen to keep supporting all your amazing work.

Michele Laidlaw

I’m giving back for all the joy and self confidence that theatre for young people gave me in my life and career.

Derek Minett

Because young people theatre is important.

Gillian Calvert

Former Artistic Director, I support ATYP’s mission and purpose

Jane Westbrook

As an ATYP Board Member I believe it is important to donate regularly to this fabulous organisation.

Julijana Trifunovic

Supporting those who support me 🙂

Phillipa Sprott